I had taken my son (now 27 months old) to other music classes, which didn’t really engage him, before having the extreme good fortune of finding wonderful Molly Music. We have been going for over a year now and absolutely love the fun and friendly atmosphere of the class. My 2nd son (now 5 months) has been attending class with his big brother since birth and Helen has made him very welcome and always ensures that he’s included. Helen is fantastic, she clearly enjoys what she does and her enthusiasm is contagious, she’s always happy, very friendly and of course the biggest accolade of all… all the children love her… she certainly keeps their attention throughout the class (with a little help from Molly the Dog of course!). The songs are a mix of classic nursery rhymes and original Molly songs (there are some really catchy ones that Mums and Dads will find themselves singing when the kids aren’t around!), the instruments and props are all a very high quality, are different each week and there’s always something very exciting hiding in Molly’s bag! My eldest son loves music, singing and dancing and this class has really encouraged him and has helped build his confidence. If you are reading this wondering which class to take your child to… pick this one, you won’t be disappointed!


Stephanie with Hudson & Gylo

Just wanted to say how much George & I love our time at Molly Music. It's always the highlight of our week, just as much for me as for George. I'm happy to say as George is only a pup at the moment so we have many years of Molly Fun to come! Molly Music is our little sanctuary...
This is a quality class. Great songs, great props, great host! Thank you Helen for your tireless energy & enthusiasm, don't know how you do it... Glad you've got a bit of help now from the lovely Kate who has fitted in perfectly.

Vickie & George Pritchett

With the festive season in full swing and being slightly exhausted from it all I was distraught when Conall my eight month old son, took to waking up three times a night. Nothing could comfort him, and I mean nothing - you name it, we tried it.  Earlier in the year Conall started Molly Music classes. He loves the class and it is fabulous seeing his reactions to the music and the fantastic props used in the class.  Whilst up with Conall, at three am Christmas morning, I suddenly had a thought. We had a Molly Music CD in the car which had always stopped him crying - Conall is also the only child I know that doesn't like being in the car!! At this stage we had nothing to lose? So we pressed play on the CD player and held our breath.  AMAZING within five minutes an exhausted baby was snuggled into me FAST ASLEEP "RESULT"!!!!

Conall now has his Molly CD permanently in his room and if he ever wakes up in the night we simply press play and he drifts off. Thank you Molly Music for saving Christmas and our baby's precious night's sleep.
Of all the baby classes I have attended with both my boys I can honestly say this is the one where we have had the warmest welcome and best fun.

Sharon Fahy - Mummy to Aran and Conall

My twin girls are fortunate enough to have experienced not only Molly Music groups, but a Molly Music party, that they were given for their 3rd Birthday. The welcoming and fun atmosphere at the groups is also carried through to the parties. Everyone commented on how much fun not only the children but the adults had at their party and this is always the same at the weekly sessions. Molly Music helped my girls to interact with others whilst enjoying companionship, music and movement. A big thank you must go to Helen who must spend a huge amount of time looking at how to meet the different learning needs of all her clients. Thank you. Sadly I have now moved to Swindon and am yet to convince Helen to set up a franchise down here!

Mum Nicola Tyers with Twins Abbi & Issi.

My three year old son, Thomas was enchanted by the Molly Music Class. Helen has a lovely voice and is so enthusiastic. All of her materials were fun and exciting and she really caught the attention of the group. I am looking forward to starting with my youngest son, Toby, in September.

Tamara Bavin.

I just want to thank you for the wonderful music sessions that William and I attend at The United Reformed Church off Lode Lane. William has loved music since before he was born - he danced all the way through the film Mamma Mia when I was 7 months pregnant! However, I know that I can't give him the fun and exciting insight into music that your sessions can. We both look forward to our time with Molly...........and the joy I get out of seeing William's smiling face during the session is priceless. And we also love singing along to the CD in the car, where at 8 months old William recognises the songs and kicks his legs along to the music. It is really useful to distract him when he is fed up. I am really pleased for you that Molly Music has become so popular - it certainly reflects the quality of your songs and ideas.  We look forward to spending many more smiley sessions with you and Molly!

Both Amelie (9months) and I love Molly Music.  Amelie is excited by the colourful props and upbeat songs and loves to move to the music that she has come to recognise.  Helen's ethusiastic attitude to music and singing and Amelie's reaction to the music and activities has made this one of our favourite half hours of the week!  We never leave home without our Molly Music CD.


Mummy Joanne & Amelie 9 months.

My 2 year old daughter Kayleigh absolutely loves Molly Music.  Such a stimulating experience for her, she loves doing the actions to well known nursery rhymes, which we now also do at home.  She loves being able to play the variety of different instruments each week, as well seeing the lovely collection of puppets and props, especially finding out ‘what’s hiding in Molly’s bag’.   You can see the smiles on the children’s faces (and the mummy's and nanny's!) when the parachute comes out and we bounce the puppets up and down.  The confidence Kayleigh has developed from attending these sessions, I believe, will make the transition into school so much easier when that time comes.


I have attended several Molly Music Sessions with my son who is now 10mths old and I have to say that we both thoroughly enjoy going. Each child is warmly welcomed individually by name and if they have a birthday that is also recognised.  No two sessions are the same and the songs and toys used are steered towards the age of the children and we all sing along together. The children are given their own toys relevant to the songs being sung so they feel that they are taking part.  I have to say Molly Music is the best & I would definitely recommend it to others.  At the end of the sessions we tend to stay for a while and have a chat to Helen, this also helps the children get to know her.  We love Helen, Molly & her music & strongly recommend that you give Molly Music a try!!

Ermine (Mum) & Jonah 10 months.

Helen has the voice of an angel & the perfect personality for a simply unique music class for children.  My 17 month old daughter Sarah warmed to Helen from her first music session with Molly Music.  She clearly has what it takes and I would highly recommend her classes, her props are of a very high standard & her music is so professional & very catchy.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to try out her classes I would highly recommend you do so!  We love Molly Music & really look forward to seeing what’s in store for us next term in Molly’s colourful bag.

Mum Jackie & Sarah

My toddler absolutely loves Molly Music - and so does Mom!  The parachute is her favourite and she knows all the songs & we sing them all the time!  We always have great fun, an outstanding, high quality brilliant class!.

Mia & Mummy Samantha.

After the first session of Molly Music my 2 year old daughter was hooked.  She can't wait till the next session and her rhythm has improved and now she sings all the time.  If we didn't have the CD in our car, journey's wouldn't be the same.  We love Molly Music!

Macey Mae & Rachel.

Both Amelia and I love Molly Music, the songs are arranged well and very catchy. Amelia is 4 months and loves all the wonderful resources and moving to some of her favourite songs, and many new ones. The class have given us a chance to develop together and enjoy interacting in a way we both love. It is also a fun and fantastic way to meet people and both of us to make new friends. Little Pups are great.

Sarah & Amelia Giles.

My 2 year old daughter absolutely loves Molly Music sessions.  She enjoys finding out what's in Molly's bag & loves singing the catchy songs.  She also looks forward to seeing what instruments will be in her bag.  It puts us in a lovely mood for the day!

Chloe & Mum Debbie.

A very welcoming environment full of beautiful activities to stimulate & enjoy.  Even at an early age the benefits are starting to show.

Mum to Amielia Wehton (14 weeks).

This is Amelia's mum Supriya, just a note to say we think you're great and really enjoy coming to your molly music classes.  It is thoroughly entertaining and look forward to interacting and meeting other babies and mums.  See you next week.

Supriya and Amelia 9 weeks x

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